Interior Decorating & Re-Design

Let’s start by re-thinking the items you already own

Barnhart Home specializes in re-arranging and re-imagining furniture and d├ęcor you already have in your home and bringing in additional complementary items as needed to create a more attractive, comfortable and functional space. We can also help you repurpose or reclaim a room, closet or storage space for a new use like a nursery, library, home gym or office.

Decorating and Re-Designing

When decorating and re-designing we will discuss what items are staying and which are going. Barnhart Home will help you shop your home to re-imagine or update pieces you already own through updating, repurposing, painting or refinishing them. If you are more interested in purchasing items for your space, Barnhart Home will help you research and find sources for these items either new from retail stores or second-hand from thrift stores, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace and more.