How It Works

Whether we meet for one session, a few sessions or an ongoing maintenance basis – Barnhart Home is here to help!

The first step is a free initial phone introduction and consultation. We will discuss your challenges, goals, budget and timeline as well as any organizing systems you may have tried in the past. Your input and involvement in this stage will help us create a tailored approach that will be the right fit for you, your family and your home. We may require some measurements and pictures in the planning process to help discuss designs and style.

Once you are ready to get organized we will schedule the first session at your home. This first on-site session will start with a tour of your space and a review of your goals, then we’ll get to work! You can work with us side-by-side to achieve your goal or you can leave it up to Barnhart Home to complete your vision.

Using the STACK Method combined with our hands-on approach, creative thinking, and positive attitude, Barnhart Home will keep your project on track while having fun!